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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blogpinski Party [and spousal abuse]

Upon arriving home from school, Storyteller hears Kate making calls to invite others over for party. She'll get to meet new people too, but first she has homework to get taken care of.


Jeff, being a great father, gladly helps Storyteller with her homework.


It's obvious that Jeff and Kate love Storyteller as they watch over her for a few moments as she takes a nap before the party.


Eventually, Kate sneaks off to grab a quick shower...


... and Jeff suggests that Kate needs a new bra and panties [which doesn't make Kate happy] ...


... but Jeff quickly recovers and compliments Kate on the weight she has been losing lately. This, naturally, makes Kate feel quite a bit better.


Jeff continues to try making Kate feel good and gives her a big squeeze before the guests start to arrive for the party she's put together. [The Goddess knows that Jeff thinks her outfit is a bit subdued for his taste but is proud of him for not pointing that out to Kate].


However, all that love and the compliments Jeff showered on Kate goes to her head and she "innocently" flirts with Darren, one of the party guests. Has she forgotten just how...


jealous Jeff can be? Jeff flies into a rage [and across the room] before the Goddess can get Kate out of the way and alas, she suffers a bit of physical abuse in front of the guests.


Mortified, Kate flees to the bathroom to cry her eyes out. The party dies down and as expected it was quite the disaster. [Poor Kate]


Jeff retires to the bedroom and Kate falls asleep on the couch. Storyteller can only wonder why her usually loving parents aren't sleeping in the same room...


Jeff falls into a fitful sleep but has a nightmare about Darren entering their bedroom...


... and Kate actually leaves with him!


Jeff snaps awake and finds that Kate has eventually come to bed, but he can't sleep beside her tonight [despite the Goddess attempting to make him go back to bed, she just cannot get him to... ]


... and he sleeps in the living room, getting very little rest.


The next morning Jeff brings up the topic of their relationship...


... and it's obvious to the Goddess that these two really love each other [since they can't stop thinking about one another] but Kate's recent boost of self confidence and Jeff's jealousy could cause them long lasting problems...


... and they leave the breakfast table still uncertain about their future.


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