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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Blogpinski's make friends [and meet Denny]

Opposites attract? Jeff is a rocker while Kate is a teacher ... but there's no mistaking Storyteller is their little girl!

Storyteller and Kate linger out front while Storyteller jabbers away about starting school soon and meeting new friends. No more walking to school for her!

Storyteller heads inside after spotting all the adults converging on the new Blogpinski family lawn and it looks like Denny's got his eyes on Kate... or at least parts of her!

The party moves inside, but poor Kate is stuck listening to the grumbly rumblings of an older man who apparently doesn't much care for the weather.

Kate doesn't seem to like the negative attitude Denny is sporting under that kilt of his and she pretty much tells him that!

Meanwhile, Storyteller has hidden shyly in her room for the moment...

... but it doesn't take long before old Monty talks her into telling him a story. Storyteller doesn't need a second invite! Kate serves a few sandwiches at the impromptu party [although it looks like she left the platter on the floor - perhaps a Martha Stewart book on hosting can be found on their bookshelf later... ]

Despite Kate's odd serving style, the sandwiches seem to be a better hit than Denny...

... with everyone!

Most of the guests ignore Denny after a while; Jeff rocks out with the family's new friends while Kate spends a little play time with Storyteller.

All in all - it's been a good day for the Blogpinski family!

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