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Friday, August 26, 2005

Denny Shane - Coral's boy toy?

Deciding to wander out and get his mail, Denny encounters one of the young college girls in Cyberia - unfortunately for Denny, she's quite the prankster and she shocks him so badly he urinates right there in the grass!

Feeling quite badly, she agrees to take a quick swim with him after he gets cleaned up.

A little bit later on the same evening, the lovely [but adultering] Coral drops by of her own choice.. and Denny is quite happy to see someone his own age [and they sneak off for a quick swim too!]. Denny sure does like his swimming pool...

Instead of being pranked every few moments, Coral actually knows how to play chess, and apparently has the King & Queen in mind...

After a relaxing, but challenging, bit of chess, the two move over towards the couch for a toasty fire that Denny sets ablaze. The conversation turns towards growing old, the never ending doctor appointments that come with the passage of time, and just trying to stay healthy while they can.

While both are feeling the burden of mortality, the two decide to wander upstairs for a bit of "relaxation"... or maybe it was the desire to live while living was an option. [They woohoo'd enough to make even a Goddess blush!]

Strangely enough, both Denny and Coral felt rejuvenated by their fireworks in the sack, and Coral challenged Denny to a game of punching - or maybe she was testing to see if Denny would survive an ass beating if her husband ever finds out that she hasn't really been going to play Bridge with the girls...

Eventually the two part and Denny opts to catch up on his reading; more like studying his cooking lessons.

What the Goddess has to wonder about though... is Coral just using Denny for sex?!

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