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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Indigo House Hunts in Cyberia

Indigo Bluebla is new to Cyberia and as she approaches the first house the Realtor Goddess deigns to show her, one can tell by the look on her face that she's not exactly thrilled.

A shrug of the shoulders conveys a lot more than an unkind word might.

*ahem* Taking a "bio break" pretty much tells the realtor just what Indigo thinks of the 1st shown home.

Now, the 2nd house brings about a much more positive response and there might have even been an "Uh huh!" when Indigo spotted the upstairs bathroom [she seems to have a thing for bathrooms... ]

She's not too shy about checking out the food supply left behind...

... or inviting herself to a bowl of cereal while accepting the contract on this home! [Hopefully she's saved up enough to furnish the residence so she doesn't have to eat outside!]

A cleaning service is already being contemplated once the phone is connected [she doesn't look too happy about doing her own dishes now, does she?]

Of course, to make sure that the neighbors hear about her arrival to Cyberia, Indigo gives the recently met newspaper boy a big fat tip to spread the word! Somehow, I think things are just about to get interesting...

[The Goddess Jane promises better storytelling images in the next episode - seems her godly powers weren't so keen this first time through Cyberia, but she learned a few miracles along the way and it can only get better!]

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