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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Indigo - Solitary Happenings

See Indigo work out alone. [Keeping in shape for that job fighting criminals!]

See Indigo bathe alone. Thinking her bathtub is certainly big enough for two...

And with that in mind, she heads over to her computer [with a cup of coffee of course] to see if she can find a little action online... [cyber anyone?]

Alas, all anyone wants to talk about are the alien abductions and that's definitely not something she's interested in...

So, instead she tortures herself with a pink romance novel... oh, if the boys in the station could see her now!

Tiring of reading, Indigo heads downstairs to start a fire [thinking how nice it would be to share it with someone special...]

After shaking herself back into the "here and now" she distract herself from a bout of loneliness, by attempting to wind and tweak her grandfather clock...

... with disasterous results.

Lonely and now dejected... poor Indigo.

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