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Monday, August 22, 2005

Jeff & Kate Blogpinski - Kate Keeps Her Man

Cheering on his favorite team...
Jeff fails to realize that Kate has picked up the phone and *69'd the last number called - which isn't one she recognizes!
Much to Kate's dismay, it turns out that the hussy Jeff was off seeing the other night [while trying to think about his rocky marriage] is Ramona - the very woman she attempted to befriend just the other day!
Ramona's not too happy about being called a hussy...
... and the two stare each other down as night falls.
Jeff happens to hear the elevated voices and wanders outside... and he can't help but be turned on by just how hot Kate is when she gets pissed.
Sensing that Jeff has wandered outside, Kate doesn't plan to be shamed in front of her man and plays a nasty prank on Ramona while pretending to shake her hand to make up. [Who would have known sweet momma Kate had it in her?]
Realizing that Kate wasn't about to let Jeff go without a fight, Ramona makes nice with Kate with a flurry of sincere apologies... and Jeff realizes just how exciting Kate can be under all those frumpy clothes and a few added pounds.
All this Goddess can say is that Jeff must be damned good in bed... because Kate just can NOT stop thinking about him... no matter how bad he's been!!

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