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Monday, August 08, 2005

Lady in Pink - Rhodent Maus

Rhodent Maus - known by her friends as the "Pink Lady" - stops by the neighborhood community center to get her photo taken [she plans to spend some time at the pool!]

After waiting forever for her community pool pass, Rhodent wonders just what she might have gotten herself into. Scratching her head in amazement that she's finally going to sign on a house, she almost doesn't see what the outside looks like!

Once inside, she hops in the tub and starts sailing for new horizons - she's going to own her very own house!

Seeing the pink cabinets, Rhodent immediately calls her friend [who apparently thinks this new house will give Rhodent a shot at a new relationship too, but Rhodent doesn't look too certain!].

Signing a new home contract is tiring work and it calls for a celebration sandwich!

It seems Rhodent isn't exactly the neatest Maus in the house right at this moment...

Despite the mess on the kitchen floor, entertaining a few new faces is the first order of the evening. Relationships seem to be something Rhodent and Simasian agree on...

...but fashion is not. It doesn't look like Simasian likes pink or Rhodent's fashion style, but the feeling seems to be mutual as Rhodent checks out Simasian's uniform.

After sending her guests on their way, a bath is a sure way to wind down the evening. Starting a new job tomorrow as a Mail Clerk requires getting up early!

Sleep quickly comes and naturally the biggest thing on her mind is how tomorrow's first day on the job will go.

Waking up before the sun leaves Rhodent looking more like a coffee zombie than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...

Maybe it's because she's half asleep that she wanders outside to dispose of the trash in her nighty. [Rhodent's sure to make friends fast if she keeps this up!]

Her commuter friend arrives almost before she has time to change and it's off for work! [Let's hope she makes it there in that "death trap"!]

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