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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mercy Bloggets - A day in the life...

After an exhausting day [and evening] dealing with baby Sara, Mrs. Dort decides to contact a Nanny [who turns out to be very snotty over the fact that Mrs. Dort doesn't quite have a job yet...]

Mercy sneaks in after Mrs. Dort has gone back to bed and spots the delinquent bills on the desk. Knowing they have money, but Mom's probably tired, she writes them out and forges signatures to get them paid.

Mercy tip-toes into Mrs.Dort's room and checks up on Sara - who happens to look like a perfect angel ... now.

As Mercy gets to her room, she hears Mrs. Dort a few moments behind her on the stairs. [Mrs.Dort really is a good mom to have climbed out of bed again just to check on her eldest...]

Seeing just how exhausted Mrs. Dort is, Mercy decides to hook school the next day to help out with Sara and the housework.

But a letter from the truancy officer arrives and doesn't go down so well with Mrs. Dort. Not only has Mercy missed today, but she hasn't been during in her homework either. Time for a "chat".

Although Mercy tells Mrs. Dort that she paid the bills and wanted to just help, Mrs. Dort remains firm and insists on helping Mercy study [after a second call to the Nanny has finally showed up]. Once the homework is done, Mrs. Dort tells Mercy to get dressed.. company is coming and she could use some help in the kitchen.

Having had their chat, Mercy feels much better and Mom does too. Awwww.

Mac & cheese is on the menu! As the guests run upstairs to watch TV, Mrs. Dort helps Mercy learn how to cook!

Or tries to... but it looks like a second batch might be needed. Mrs.Dort mixes a new batch but has to run upstairs to tell the guests dinner will be delayed [and to check on Sara].

Leaving Mercy in the kitchen with the ruined mac & cheese doesn't seem to have been a good idea... and the pot catches flame!

Darren hauls ass downstairs, having heard the alarm, perhaps intent on salvaging dinner...

However, on arrival, Darren decides the fire is way out of his league and from the look on Mercy's face, she just knows her Mom is gonna kill her for this - and promptly starts to hyperventilate.

Just as the fire rages out of control Mercy turns to see the firetruck screaming into the neighborhood...

Mercy sprints for the front door to allow the fireman access to the house and as he runs in, Jeff and Darren remain in the kitchen, but Mrs. Dort grabs up Sara and runs for the door!

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