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Monday, August 22, 2005

Mercy & Mrs. Dorts - Perception is Reality

After an unimpressive tour and dinner with the Headmaster, Mrs. Dorts-Bloggets fails to secure Mercy a spot in the private school she desired to attend.

Mrs. Dorts isn't quite sure how to tell Mercy, but she doesn't wait long and offers a hug to Mercy in way of apology. Mercy is a great daughter who makes an effort to assure Mom that everything will be okay, she didn't really want to go to that school anyhow.

Although Mercy secretly holds Mrs. Dorts responsible, she does realize that maybe it's her image that's causing a problem with getting ahead...

.. and she sheds her skater cap and funky eyeliner look for a more "innocent" and appropriate appearance. Maybe this will help...

... of course, Mercy fails to let Mom know what she's up to and Mrs. Dorts sits alone in her room, depressed that she's failed Mercy in a most terrible way.

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