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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mrs. Dort, Sara and Mercy Bloggets

Mercy Bloggets and Sara Bloggets are the daughters of single mom, Mrs Dort-Bloggets. Mrs. Dort aspires to teach, Mercy wants to consume as much education as possible and little Sara just likes to dance and be read to. Let's see how this goes...

Mrs. Dort drops into a chair, already tired from the move to her new home [wonder what happened to Mr. Bloggets] and it takes no time at all for baby Sara to entertain herself.

Mrs. Dort is good mom who tries to teach Sara to walk [and to talk and go to the potty]...

...but babies can be demanding [this Goddess is exhausted after watching over this family...] and sometimes stinky [which Sara seems to find very amusing].

Mrs. Dort not only cleaned up the water all over the floor, but she's busy changing diapers every time she turns around. In fact, she's so busy with Sara [bottles, feeding, diapers, bathing, teaching, playing... ] that she makes little time for herself.

As moving day comes to a close, Mrs. Dort climbs into bed for a VERY needed rest.

Alas, Sara starts to stink up the room just as Mrs. Dort falls into a trouble sleep [or maybe it's troubled because of the odor...] .

Mrs. Dort doesn't wake up right away to change Sara, and Sara is none to happy about it. She climbs to her feet, shakes the crap out of the crib and starts to wail at the top of her little lungs as a noxious green cloud thickens around her.

While Sara continues to holler away, Mrs. Dort climbs from bed. Before she strangles the screaming baby [or the Goddess does] she stops for a moment to send a prayer to the Goddess above, letting her know just how hard it is to be a Mom and how frustrating it is when there's no time for fun.

One has to wonder... if Sara takes up all of Mrs. Dort's time... what's teenager Mercy been up to?

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