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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Storyteller Blogpinski

Unaware of the Kate-Jeff-Ramona events outside, Storyteller entertains herself in her room by jumping up and down on the bed (it's a darned good way to suck the energy out of kids...)
But she gets bored with that and having seen Kate & Jeff email their friends, she decides to get online and email someone too. Alas, Storyteller doesn't have any friends yet to email! (Awww)
She skips over to Mr. Teddy Bear and asks for his email address, but Teddy isn't willing to share and Storyteller gets a tiny bit pissed off (towering rage is more like it)... and smashes Mr. Bear over and over.
Deciding there must be someone she can befriend, Storyteller dials in a friendship emergency by pressing 9-1-1.
Demi the Police Woman runs to the house with the lights gleaming red and blue from the street (what WILL the neighbors think...)
But... the lady cop finds no one inside and makes a circuit of the grounds - and finds Jeff and Kate having a pillow fight of all things. (Their Goddess hasn't quite figured out where those pillows came from... )
Slightly annoyed, the police woman reads Kate and Jeff the riot act - reminding them that it's a parental duty to mind their children and teach them NOT to make prank phone calls!
Needless to say, Kate's not too happy about Storyteller's pricy little adventure on finding new friends. Ooops.

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