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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Indigo - Taking Care of B'niz

After getting a nifty promotion and a monetary bonus yesterday...

Indigo decides to do something a little special for herself, and she splurges on a brand new wardrobe!

She spends quite a sum of money but she's pretty much been rolling in the dough lately, so it's only a small twinge of guilt she suffers for the spree before heading off to work.

But she doesn't even get to work before she's on the job - she spots one of the Caliete's picking on Denny right outside of her house and doesn't hesitate to interrupt.

The Caliente sister makes the mistake of getting mouthy with the wrong redheaded authority and Indigo smacks the crap out of her - I guess they do things differently in Cyberia, but Denny doesn't seem to mind!

Indigo seems to actually enjoy the use of excessive force and she dusts her hands off having taken care of that lightweight bit of work.

Hell, she almost looks like she might have enjoyed it... a bit too much!

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