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Friday, September 02, 2005

Jeff Blogpinski & Ramona - *ahem*

After being tossed out of Rhodent's last night, Jeff headed home but spotted Ramona stomping on a few nasty bugs that spilled out of trash dumped outside of her house. {Like a good neighbor, he stops to help...}

As one might expect, the rocker and Ms. Thang have hit it off very well from Day 1, and tonight's no different as they share tastes in music and cars... and Ramona chats about some of her more favorite concerts.

Invited in, Jeff finds Ramona's house is a haven for various Cyberians and the music is cranking througout.

Opting for a bit of pool upstairs, Jeff is impressed by the rare hockey jersey hanging on the wall - he's a huge sports fan (as some might remember) and he's practically starry-eyed that Ramona seems to knows quite a few people in much different circles than Cyberia has.

As the party continues, Jeff finds himself overwhelmed by his envy of Ramona's lifestyle (and maybe that being married to Kate & having a child, Storyteller, has held him back all these years - he should be with someone like Ramona!)

Ramona wanders downstairs, spots Jeff in his moment of weakness, and invites him to relax in the hottub. What man could say no to Ramona?


Jeff sticks around for far longer than he probably should have...

... and one has to wonder how he's going to explain this prolonged absence to Kate.

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