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Friday, September 09, 2005

Kate Blogpinski - Family Matters

When last we saw Jeff was making out with Ramona, but it looks like he made it home before Kate awoke. Seems he'll have an easy way with the excuses this time...

Feeling a bit guilty, Jeff invites Kate for a bit of relaxation and time together...

and Kate shows her appreciation in a physical way. ;)

A few hours later Storyteller returns from school and tells Kate all about her day... and Jeff is reminded again just what a fantastic mom Kate is.

He sits in admiration of her [see? they really do just think of one another all the time.. ]

Storyteller runs off to play in her room and Jeff asks Kate what her thoughts are on having another child. [Imagine the Goddess' surprise at that given Jeff's recent roaming... ]

Kate joins in the conversation but doesn't really commit to a yes or no...

... but there's no mistaking the love Kate has for Jeff [just look at that loving gaze... ]

Of course, it is very interesting that only moments later when Jeff goes to get something to eat, that Kate bolts for the bathroom...

and tosses her cookies a few times.

Perhaps that baby question is something Kate's already been worrying about...

but is she happy about it?

Even her Goddess doesn't know for certain...

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