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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mrs. Dorts- & Mercy Bloggetts - Similar Tastes?

Despite one failure after another, Mrs. Dorts-Bloggetts invites the Headmaster from Mercy & Sara's school over again in hopes to get them into private school.

Her spaghetti dinner is perfect, but she doesn't quite seem to be able to impress the Headmaster. :(

So, Mrs. Dorts- spends tons of time with her girls studying and encouraging them to be active in the things that interest them.

She let's Sara spend as much time on the computer as she needs to get ahead and she takes up playing chess with Mercy to help hone her logic skills. Mercy is a fast study and even talking about fashion doesn't distract her from whipping Mrs. Dorts- butt!

All this quality time seems to have paid off and Mercy's new look coupled with Mrs. Dorts- help give her the boost she needed to get ahead... and she starts getting A's!

She's one happy girl!

Mrs. Dorts- brags to everyone she meets - including her new friend Remington...

[poor Mrs. Dorts- she's been so busy with her children that her only friend right now seems to be the housekeeper...

but the Goddess doesn't think Mrs. Dorts notices the gooey eyed look Mercy gets around him...]

Not long after, Sara runs home with another "A" paper and while Mrs. Dorts- cheers her on, Remington takes a moment to admire the view... [seems Mrs. Dorts' been outside "playing" with Remington instead of letting him get his job done... ] ... or maybe he's wondering if having two kids is what made Mrs. Dorts- ass so... round.

Mrs. Dorts- decides to give the Headmaster another shot [without the gun] and she changes tactics. She cooks him up a stunning meal but skips the house tour and schmoozes him up like there is no tomorrow. It seems to work and the two girls are finally admitted to private school!

Later that afternoon Mrs. Dorts- shares the good news with Mercy, along with helping each other polish off a very tasty dessert [see, it's all gone?]

They hang out for a while, watching some television - a typical mother/daughter afternoon before Mercy heads off to her part time job.

Mom gives Mercy a quick hug before she goes and reminds her once more how proud she is of her eldest.

Later that evening, after Mrs. Dorts- has gone to bed and Mercy's home from work, Mercy dozes on the couch and dreams about...

REMINGTON... Mom's new fling!

Could Mrs. Dorts- & Mercy have a little too much in common?!

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