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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rhodent - Rats & Feeling Unclean

Bumping into Jeff while taking the trash out [in her pink nighty again...], Rhodent decides to invite the handsome neighbor in...

and she reminds her new young friend who was visiting that he has school tomorrow and should probably head home for bed. However, her young friend isn't so daft and casually drops the bomb that Jeff IS married as he leaves.

Rhodent shifts gears thinking Jeff is quite the rat - being a married man and traipsing after a girl in a nighty of all things...

She uses the excuse of having to get up early for work in the morning and suggests he go on home... to his WIFE.

To keep her mind off things, Rhodent heads to the community pool for an evening dip. Who knows, maybe she'll meet an unmarried man there to keep her company.

Alas, the hour is late and even though she waits around, no one drops by at this hour.

So, she engages in a bit of small talk with the store clerk - and a bit of flirting.

George flirts back and pretends to actually like the conversation about fashion clothing thinking he might get a piece of action. But George's ride shows up and he has to abandon Rhodent to entertain herself.

It's only after George gets in his Dad's car that Rhodent realizes (to her horror) that she was just flinging herself at a boy child - and any woman considering having her own family shouldn't be thinking such thoughts!

Needless to say, Rhodent feels a bit dirty afterwards & decides it's time to go home before she embarasses herself!

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