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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sara Bloggets - Good grades & day dreaming.

Sara runs home with her report card in hand, very exited...

to show her mom, Mrs. Dort-. Apparently Sara is an A student!

And she has Mercy to thank for those grades, since both of them have been studying together at nights [Mercy is trying to improve her grades so she can get into a private school which will better her chances at a college scholarship!]

Sara also goes online in the evenings to read up on subjects that she's especially interested in [so far she seems to be really interested in music and animals.... ]

Especially bears.

While Sara plays upstairs, Mercy and a friend from school hang out and watch a movie.

Eventually Sara climbs into bed, but not quite sleepy she daydreams about playing with Storyteller...

... about the school Headmaster that she hopes will like her better than he liked Mercy because she'd like to go to a private school one day too ...

... and ...


That Jeff, he sure does have a way with the ladies...

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