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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Storyteller Blogpinski - Innocence

Unaware that her parents were discussing her earlier (and it seems Kate has made it back into the bedroom to watch a bit of television..), Storyteller shares with Jeff that she is going to work really hard at her school homework...

... so that one day she will be like her Dad and she'll be able to soar with the eagles... or get a great job... or something. Deciding she's going to go practice her soaring, Storyteller runs for the playground...

... and she kicks off trying to see just how high she can go today. Little does she know at first that she's being watched by Ramona (who just happened to be passing by). Ramona can't help but find Storyteller just adorable in her school uniform.

She pauses momentarily to invite Storyteller to hop off the swings for a few minutes to get a hug - Ramona might be a hussy but she's quite the soft touch when it comes to kids.... or maybe this is just her nefarious plot ...

... to get to Jeff! Ramona does a bang up job of convincing Storyteller to let her in the Blogpinski house and Storyteller is far too innocent to fathom that Ramona might be up to no good.

In fact, she's so far smitten with Ramona's charm and beauty that she wonders late at night what it might be like to be Ramona's daughter - instead of Kate, who always seems to be too sick to play or too tired lately to help with her homework.

[Poor Kate]

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