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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Femme Fatale Part 1

who knew liaising with miss vicki could be so dangerous?

well, the bloggeroo family started out fine... they hang-out at xtessa's place most of the time.

then, they got jobs... xtessa was a paramedic, but then her lifetime achievement want was to become a professional party goer so she shifted to the slacker career and is currently a gas attendant. bud buckley, at first, just wanted to play with his guitar and drums, but took a job as a dish washer in hopes that he becomes a chef one day. anne marie dreams of becoming a hero so she entered the Cyberia police force. she was just promoted to Cadet and was very happy about it.

meanwhile, miss vicki was on her way up in the slacker career. she was just promoted to candy shop clerk when she decided to quit and wanted to become the femme fatale of the group.

you see, bud buckley and anne marie was starting to make beautiful music together.

but miss vicki started flirting with bud.

... and when bud wanted to take things further, miss vicki denied him and anne marie caught them at the same time.

here's anne marie slapping bud!

but, eventually, miss vicki the vixen "got it on" with bud in her own apartment... with locked doors.

... and as they slept, miss vicki only had one thing in mind... that is, to break up bud and anne marie!

poor anne marie is all heartbroken...

... and guess who's blogging all about it?

....................................... TO BE CONTINUED!

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