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Monday, July 11, 2005

Something About Brando...

Brando had the day off today, and this is how he chose to start it...playing pirate in the shower. If there were video for this blog, you could hear Brando saying, "Argh!" over and over again. Kate is not entirely certain what to think about his antics.
I assumed that Brando was bored, poor dear. I checked his "wants" list and he really wanted an easel, so he bought one. Then he wanted a flower bed. Then he wanted a more expensive sofa. Then he wanted to re-do the entire kitchen. The more Brando buys, the more Brando wants. He did earn a creativity point for working on this masterpiece.

In order to stay entertained, I nudged Brando to the telescope for some stargazing. He earned a logic point. Sounds good, right? Brando went upstairs and set his alarm clock for work (he was very sad to have missed work on the day Homer got fried.) Here's how Brando ended his day...

I'm just not too sure about Brando.

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