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Friday, July 15, 2005

That's CONGRESSMAN Brando to You

Forget the beat-up Chevette, Brando arrives home in a limo. I'm sorry, make that Congressman Brando!

As we expected, Brando immediately looks for his own spacious digs to store his collectibles and what-nots.He grabs a cab while everyone else is away, and never looks back.

Surprise, surprise! Congressman Brando takes a roomate with him. It's important for a Congressman to maintain a family image, so Kate is his chosen one.

Kate and Brando have a lovely conversation in their new home. Wonder what that's all about?

Now that M. Butterfly isn't around to steal the attention of Kate's suitors, Kate and Benjamin (non blogger) can spend some quality time playing red-hands.

Now we find out what Kate's conversation with Brando was about. Kate quits her job. As suspected, she never really liked it anyhow. Kate the Kept celebrates her new home and new status with a swim in the luxurious pool.

And Congressman Brando celebrates in his own "special" way.

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