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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Meet the Wonderfuls

(click to enlarge)

Here they are... Michele and Mister Wonderful!

They are married in the game and moved into a beautiful little house.

Here, Michele is looking for a job. Mister already got a job as a Golf Caddy.

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Kevin is stuck! He came home from work and didn't get out of the car for a really long time. I ignored him but then he started yelling, so when I went to look he was stuck like this. He eventually fell asleep half under the car, but I don't know how to free him!

In other Cyberia news:

Dawn is completely obsessed with Deni. All of her wants and fears are about Deni.

Karan got into bed with Micah, but Micah is dreaming about himself.

The maid has ideas of her own.

E.C. got a promotion!

Micah has the flu!

Heidi had to choose between the blue and red licorice but she chose incorrectly and lost her job. Sorry Heidi!

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Updated Bloginski Story Book

Things are getting very weird!!! This is Karan playing "Punch Me, Punch You" with a Social Bunny.

Here's the updated storybook:

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today at the Roflers

Since Micah went over to meet the Roflers yesterday, Charlie decides to invite him over again. Unfortunately, Charlie forgot to check the time. It's 2:45 AM. Micah is not pleased. Oh no. (click on picture to see what he says!)

Kevin is chilling out. He does that a lot, except when he's hitting on the girls or the maid. He also tends to clean the toilet a lot.

For some reason, no one in this house knows how to make cereal. Whenever they choose it as a meal, they stand there yelling at me to do something. Any ideas?

Nadia craps out on the sidewalk in her uniform (she has some kind of medical job). She really needs to get more rest!

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Today at the Bloginskis

Dawn is really nutty! Here she is, jumping on the couch in her underwear when she's supposed to be getting ready for work. She missed the carpool and might get fired.

Deni was caught holding hands with Micah. Several of the Bloginskis missed their carpools to work today. (I had to play with the sound off at work, so I couldn't hear the horn beeping! Sorry!!)

The Bloginskis have hired a maid, and Micah is already hitting on her. E.C. is really behaving himself.

I took a lot of story shots that I will upload to the Sims2 site in a little bit!

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The Bloginskis and Roflers ... In a few words

In this particular mode, I can click on each blogger and get a read on how he or she is doing, in relation to their given "aspiration".

Read 'em and weep.

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Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

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All the Magic Will be Captured Here..

I've created a Sims2 world using real bloggers as characters! Rather than have this take over my entire blog, The Dog's Breakfast, I am going to keep this as the main Sims site.

**It will be redesigned in the next few weeks...bear with me and this standard template in the meantime!**

Now that it's super-easy to upload photos into Blogger posts I'll be updating even more frequently. Also, please visit the participating bloggers...they will all be listed in my Blogroll.

Rofler bloginski

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