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Saturday, June 09, 2007


I know, I know... we are SO sick of hearing about Paris Hilton! But you can read TMZ.com, CNN.comor even Perez Hilton and not get the inside look into Paris' prison life that you'll get here.

Paris' parents send Sister Immaculata to counsel their distraught but stylish daughter.

Sister begins by telling Paris how she and the other nuns keep themselves occupied. She has a bit of experience in an all-girl environment.

"We have pillow fights to pass the time," Sister informs her.

"And this is how you make friends with the other inmates."

"Don't worry, you can record the whole thing and post it on YouTube!"

Sister offers to make Paris' prison diet staple, the baloney sandwich. Paris reads the copy of "Papillon" that she found under her bed.

Finally, she's able to get to sleep. She wonders if anyone has remembered to feed Tinkerbell...

...and then dreams of her one true love.

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