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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Anna Reconsiders

Anna, having risen from the dead, decides to improve her image this time around by doing some reading. Unfortunately the book is upside down, but you know what they say... baby steps.

Howard catches Anna up on all the baby drama that's been going on while she was dead. Zombie Katie listens attentively while Dannielynn naps on the kitchen floor.

Katie suggests that Anna could write a book about her life, death and resurrection!

All the while, no one seems to notice Howard's "baby bump".

Now that Anna's back, her baby is surely headed for a life of eating disorders. Dannielynn makes the aquaintance of her future best friend.

Howard flaunts the bump...

...and is suffering from some first trimester exhaustion.

Anna, decked out in her Jo-Lo Oscar knock-off, isn't so sure she wants to stick around. Things were so much simpler after she had checked out. She calls the Grim Reaper to see what can be done to get her out of here!

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