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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sister Loses Control!

Over at Sister Immaculata's Home for Wayward Girls, the nun has a vicarious moment as she reads a romance novel before bed. Paris, Lindsey and Britney are sleeping, so she is confident that everything is under control.

But while Sister snoozes and dreams of Fabio...

Brit and Lindsey get busy in the kitchen!


They decide to wake up Paris and go clubbing.

...but Sister hears the commotion and tries to stop them.

The girls think they have successfully made their break, and arrive at Club Cyberia for a night of hell-raising.

Don't look now, but the wily nun is hot on their trail.

"You're a real pain in the butt, you know." , she tells Lindsey.

"And YOU... what the heck ever happened to your kids, anyway?"

Realizing that she is unable to control these crazy kids, Sister Immaculata loses it. She heads to the bar and orders an extra dirty Martini, and decides that being "extra dirty" must be more fun.

Ready to take a walk on the wild side, she asks Paris how she's managed to become so popular with boys.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rosie O'Donald Trump

Meet the newest resident of Cyberia, Rosie O'Donald Trump. A hefty gal with a rockin' hairdo and a weakness for blondes, Rosie has shacked up with town badgirl Tonya Harding.

Rosie makes her move on day one, but Tonya is a little put-off by the combover.

She opts for a Lean Cuisine instead.

To celebrate Rosie's arrival, Tonya throws a little shindig. Dave shows up just in time to see his favorite knee-capping ice skater busting a move.

But to Tonya's dismay, Dave has brought his wife Lindsey along. LiLo appears to be recovering nicely from her recent appendectomy!

Rosie, the proud owner of two left feet, opts off the dance floor and checks Page Six for the latest gossip. She's quite dismayed to find nothing at all about her. "I wish these little tramps would keep their panties on," she mutters. "I need to do something obnoxious every single day in order to stay ahead of them!"

Spoke too soon about LiLo... apparently Tonya's mac and cheese isn't sitting too well with her.

When the guests have left, Tonya invites Tyra and her "girlfriend" over and begs for a spot in the Top Model house. She knows that Tyra is casting right now, and has to strike while the curling iron is hot.

Tyra returns home, changes into her "thinking clothes", and considers Tonya's offer.

She decides to Google the trashy blonde, and discovers that she's got just what it takes to be a part of the next cycle of ANTM. Tyra knows she's got to act fast though, because Tonya might get snapped up by the Oxygen Channel's newest car-wreck, The Bad Girls' Club.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

A.I.C. will return to its normal frequency next week after a holiday hiatus. In the meantime, Tyra is casting for the next "cycle" of America's Next Top Moron, er Model!

"Hmmm... as long as you aren't as pretty as ME, you might have a shot!"

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