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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saving Lindsey

The ghost of Anna Nicole Smith decides to pay a visit to the troubled Ms. Lohan. "Like my body? It's decomposing. I don't think you want to wind up like me."

Sister Immaculata calls an intervention, with Rosie O'Donald Trump, Tyra Banks, Paris, Britney and Tom Cruise all on board.

While waiting for Lindsey to arrive, Britney engages Tom in a lively do-si-do. You just never know what that girl will do!

Lindsey is a bit taken aback by all the attention.

But she decides to take some notes anyway. Tyra advises her that if she can just stop drinking she might "still be in the running to be America's Next Top Model." She adds that she has NEVER had to yell at a girl this way before.

"Thanks Tyra. I'm feeling easier and breezier already."

Anna gives her a few tips, suggesting Trim Spa instead of nose candy to keep her weight down.

Finally, Britney adds her two cents while complimenting Lindsey on an "awesome manicure".

They bond, as only dysfunctional starlets can. Better start cleaning out Paris' jail cell!

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