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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fertility Reigns in Cyberia!

Over at Michele and Mister Wonderful's place, things are getting interesting. Here, Mister takes a bubble bath (while a stranger lurks outside). But what's this? Someone's clearly been sick in that toilet. Ew.

Michele can't sleep. It was she who urped in the toilet...what could be wrong? Nothing! A baby is on the way!

Michele's condition doesn't prevent them from cuddling and having "woohoo".

Heidi and Robin come over for a visit!

Michele is eating for two. You'd think she were eating for twelve.

Michele thinks, "I want me some woo hoo!"

After woo hoo, Mister dreams of Michele. Michele dreams of the cleaning guy.

Mister dreams about his new stereo system. Michele thinks they need a bigger house.

Mister dreams of Dawn. That girl has everyone in a lather!

Heidi thinks about going off the diving board but chickens out. She got dressed and went home.

Robin hangs in the hot tub with Mister.

Mister is a rather messy eater. Then again, so is Michele.

Mister is best friends with Julie. They boogie the night away, while Michele does nothing but sleep and eat.

Case in point.

Michele goes for a swim and when she emerges from the pool, her belly REALLY pops out!

Since it's been at LEAST 15 minutes since her last meal, Michele makes herself a big plate of spaghetti.

No baby yet... but stay tuned!

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