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Friday, July 29, 2005

Mini Catches On, Kitty Catches Keanu

It suddenly occurred to Mini that she is the only Sim in Cyberia NOT getting woo-hoo. So she puts down the books (her logic meter is maxed out anyhow) and...

...brushes up on her social skills...

...works on her body...

...and practices conversation in the mirror.

Mini's body is getting back in shape!

Meanwhile, Kitty can't stop thinking about Keanu. She takes a quick nap after work, then calls him over and invites him to spend the night.

The next morning she invites him to move in. He quickly and joyfully agrees!

Turns out, Keanu is pretty handy. While the girls are at work, he takes out the trash!

Keanu works nights as a professional party goer. I'm not sure if Kitty knew his aspiration was the dreaded FORTUNE when she invited him into her humble home, but expect to see some massive redecorating by Keanu in the next few weeks.

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