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Friday, July 29, 2005

A House on the Hill - Brando & Em

Well, I told you the Mayor wanted a bigger house. He secured this 125k (that's a LOT in Simoleans) home on the hill overlooking Cyberia.
The Den

The Second Floor

The Third Floor

They even have a hot tub on the third floor adjacent to their bedroom!

I assumed that Em would begin decorating her palatal estate, but I was wrong. Em seems perfectly content standing in the kitchen while she wolves down her chef salad.

Em is far more interested in body building and working on her novel. Maybe it's because her knew job involves acquisitions. Be that as it may, the Goddess wanted Emily to have a nice place to study, so She took it upon Herself to set up a room in the den.

Mayor Brando has also been quite content with the sparse interior, though he has requested some landscaping, video games, and an espresso maker.

With Brando doing what Brando does best...

...and Em working herself to death...

It looks as if Em or Brando are going to have to hire an interior decorator.

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