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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Brando Keeps on Campaigning

Brando's aspiration has always been fortune. He lucked into politics by taking a job as a campaign worker. Through hard work, he was eventually elected Senator. However, now Brando aspires to be Mayor of Cyberia, and in order to get elected he needs to make friends. Lots of friends.

What's with everyone in Cyberia sucking up to the help?

Meanwhile, Em has a very close brush with the law. Overloaded with funny money, Em tries to pay off a few politicians. Vice closes in, so Em closes up shop and goes back to cat burglering. One night of that is enough for her, and she opens up shop again.

And Brando? Well, his drive to meet every single Sim in Cyberia has paid off. Meet Mayor Brando as he comes and goes to work in his new "ride."

Now that Brando is a Mayor, what will Em do? She's obviously thrilled for him.

Can the Mayor of Cyberia really be married to a mastermind criminal? Em isn't sure either, so she again closes up shop. She's carrying business cards that describe her occupation as "acquisitions." In other words, if you live in Cyberia and you want something, "rare" then Em is the gal to get it for you. I still smell trouble, and since Brando hasn't set a wedding date, I'm wondering if he's smelling some trouble too. Then again, maybe THIS is why he hasn't set the date yet.

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