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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bud's A Dad!

a day after getting married, Miss Vicki entered her last tri-moment and waddled around the house. she wasn't all that happy 'coz she wanted to meet new people but easily got tired. her day consisted of sleeping, eating and peeing... a lot.
as she and Bud Buckley took an afternoon nap, Miss Vicki suddenly jumps from the bed and started caterwauling like nobody's business.
and, as is normal in Cyberia, she twirled and gave birth to a baby girl... named Budette.
Bud Buckley started cooing at the baby... and left off for work.Miss Vicki got pissed 'coz they were so po' and she had to bathe Budette in the sink. she wrote a letter to ABC and EMHE.
well, wouldn't you know it, Ty Pennington and his team arrived and madeover their house. all of this happened while Bud was at work as a Fast Food Manager... and luck must be on their side 'coz he served his Vege-Might burgers instead of the regular ones, and it was a hit with the customers. he immediately got promoted to Host in a classy restaurant.
Miss Vicki also decided to have a makeover of her own and plugged in her ceramic ion straightener... and ironed her wavy tresses.
and what is this? could it be that the newlyweds are already bored with each other? where's the woohooing, people?!!
Bud splits his time between work and his baby girl, Budette...
... while Miss Vicki spends all day lounging, bored out of her mind...
... so she heads out to Blogger Mart to shop instead.

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