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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Sad Saga of Julie and Charlie

Deciding to forgive him for his dalliances with Heidi, Julie invites Charlie to the "Love Hotel" where they do a lot of making out and appear to repair their relationship. Charlie apologizes for his behavior and all is well back at the Alpine mansion when they return home.

So well, in fact, that Charlie proposes again...

...and this time Julie accepts!

They quickly throw a wedding, but only PG and Micah show up.

It's a lovely ceremony, but as soon as Julie puts the ring on Charlie's finger he freaks out.

He practically throws the ring back at her and bolts.

Poor Julie. She's heartbroken. She can do nothing but get into her bathing suit and into the hot tub with Micah and PG.

It doesn't help. She's wailing.

The guests leave, and when Julie goes into the house she finds Charlie sitting at the dining room table having a bite to eat, still wearing his tux.

They have a brief chat about what a disaster their wedding was.

He goes off to change clothes and she sits there and cries.

Soon, it's time for her to go off to work as a Rookie Cop. She probably should have taken the day off.

No sooner is Julie out the door, than Charlie is practicing his Casanova skills in the mirror.

He invites Heidi over...

..and into the hot tub they go. Not just one woo hoo...

...but two!

Heidi leaves, Charlie goes off to work, and Julie returns home none the wiser. She goes to bed and dreams of Charlie...

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