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Sunday, July 24, 2005

PG and Kevin's New Addition!

PG and Kevin are having major marital problems. He keeps trying to get back into her good graces, but he just can't keep himself from calling Mister and inviting him over for woo hoo. To Mister's credit, since he and Michele had their baby Sigmund, he has been rebuffing Kevin.

PG won't sleep in the same bed as Kevin. She's pregnant and pissed off that she can't use the hot tub, so she's spending most of her time in bed.

Then...the baby starts to come...

Meet baby Apple! Unlike the other happy couples, PG and Kevin don't coo at each other after the baby comes. PG hands her off to Kevin and goes for a swim.

Kevin cuddles Apple, feeds her and then starts throwing her into the air. It happened too fast for me to capture, but Apple puked all over Kevin's head.

Here, Kevin is decked out in his "fries with that?" work uniform. PG is still not giving him the time of day.

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