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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Promotions Keep Coming!

Working nights and trying to stay awake to spend time with Brando is taking its toll on Em.

Brando and Emily try to find time for each other.

Brando works on his creativity in hopes of a promotion. Here's his latest interpretation of his tree-laden lawn.

The Former Congressman, appointed Judge, is now Senator Brando.
Check out the Senator!
While carrying sensitive documents to the courthouse, Brando is followed by the black helicopters. Ducking into the nearest building, he tells the receptionist he's being followed. Two men in black suits arrive, and before anything bad can happen, the receptionist calls her boss, who happens to be a famous documentary film maker. Taping the incident, she buys the rights to Brando's story for 45k! Needless to say, Brando insisted on buying more chairs and sofas. I think the senator may need to buy a bigger house.

Meanwhile, Em has also done some job switching. She took a stint as a bank robber before becoming self-employed as a cat burgler. However, I think working the night shift is taking its toll on her relationship with the senator, so starting tomorrow, Em is going to start printing her own funny money.

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