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Friday, July 22, 2005

Who Got Married

well, it's been a few weeks (in SIM world) since we last saw the Bloggeroos. a lot has happened and Bud Buckley and Miss Vicki actually started becoming a serious couple.

poor Anne Marie was so devastated that she said goodbye to Bud...

... packed up and moved out...

... into her new home. she's now a Rookie in the police force so she's earning good money.

soon after she left, Miss Vicki started feeling a bit sick and kept throwing up.

could she be pregnant?

she forgot all about it till she went over to Bud's place and got sick all over again.

within minutes, Miss Vicki twirled into the air and entered her first "tri-moment".

Bud Buckley did the noble thing and asked Miss Vicki to marry him.

Xtessa was excited about the baby...

Bud Buckley and Miss Vicki decided to move out since they're starting a family now...

as soon as they got settled into their new home, Bud Buckley invited some friends for a small wedding in their backyard.

here's O.C. Bee arriving...

... Lu was among the first guests...

... even Anne Marie made it to the wedding and kept drinking "Shimpagne"...

... and among the last to arrive were Landismom and Xtessa (with a blonde gatecrasher).

the couple exchanged vows and rings...

... and was declared husband and wife.

afterwards, the reception begins with the slicing of the cake...

... then Landismom gives a "Shimpagne" toast... Anne Marie over there keeps on swilling.

even Miss Vicki took a sip even though she's preggy!

suddenly, Anne Marie attacks Miss Vicki... she must be really drunk!

she slaps Miss Vicki and stalks off in fury. now... what brought that on?

the party was pretty much downhill after that... and Miss Vicki entered her 2nd tri-moment as the limo arrives to take them away for their honeymoon.

Miss Vicki refused to go with Bud because she was SO pregnant. Bud went anyway... he later returned with a happy grin.

the newlyweds adjusts to domesticity... but over at Anne Marie's, there's something strange going on... could it be?

................. TO BE CONTINUED!

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