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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Deni + Dawn + Robin = BIG TROUBLE

OK... this is a long one. These girls are WILD! Deni decides to call a cab so she and Dawn can go to Disco Village, the new hot spot in Cyberia.

She also decides to gussy up and invite E.C. along, but he tells her where to go.

Deni and Dawn have a fine time all by themselves, especially when they take a romantic stroll by the pond.

When they arrive home, Deni decides to make pancakes while still dressed in her gown.

Deni isn't the best cook, remember?

Deni decides to use the Orgasmatron, but because her Aspiration Meter is green and not gold, disaster strikes. The machine depletes her of energy and everything else. Thank Goddess (me!) she didn't die.

Robin paints while Deni burns.

E.C. comes over to visit (now that it's a decent time of day!) and guess who hits on him?

Since Robin had a little fling with Dawn behind Deni's back, she is PISSED.

Dawn is unstoppable. As soon as Robin is out of the room, she's making out with E.C. again.

Feeling better, Deni decides to join the fray. Karan and Micah have stopped by (leaving their baby home with a nanny), and Deni puts the moves on Micah.

Dawn, never one to pass up the opportunity to apply a double standard, slaps Deni in a jealous rage. Karan is none too pleased either.

Moments later, as E.C. tries to make a run for it, Dawn chases him down and lays one on him.

Robin cannot believe her eyes.

Poor E.C. ... he gets slapped...

...and then Dawn makes up with Robin. Big time.

Shortly thereafter, she makes up with Deni.

E.C. thinks all women are nuts.

Never a dull moment around the mansion... Deni hits on Robin!

Love blooms quickly...

...as does lust!

Dawn gets a taste of her own medicine! She is furious and slaps Robin... (even though she and Deni are 'joined'!)

Dawn is so angry, but Robin can only think about woo-hoo with Deni!

Three's company...indeed.

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