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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Major Knatt Buzz!

Kate decides to invite a friend over. Apparantly, he digs the new look!

Not to be outdone, M.Butterfly invites two of her suitors over for a party. Lookie lookie who one of her suitors is!

Now you know M.Butterfly - indiscretion is NOT her strong suit.

Neither is getting away with it, apparantly.

Amazingly, M.Butterfly buzzes out for work before things can get too heated.
I forgot to mention, M.Butterfly got a new job. She's a D.J. now!

The boys break bread.

Brando certainly has made the rounds today. He showed up at the Bea's earlier in the evening. It was the craziest thing - he game tearing into the backyard, insulted Kris, then left while she cried. Again, I missed the shot. It all happened too fast!

Meanwhile, Kate is feeling the heat. She's finally put the books up and fallen in love!

But the party is over. With M.Butterfly off at work, guess who gets stuck cleaning up the mess?

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