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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sparring for Showers &Trading Housewives

I honestly don't know how the Crickets are going to make it with one bathtub.

Cyberia has been a jumble of relocation. After Kate aged, she moved out of Congressman Brando's.

The first thing she did was adopt a new look. This gal is not going down for the count.

Meanwhile, M.Butterfly has been indulging in her whims to get lots of woo hoo from lots of Sims.

Unfortunately, she gets caught by Homer, who is reduced to tears.

Homer nurses his wounded heart by inviting Cat to the new dance club, Chiggers.

And as you can see, nothing heals a broken heart like a new love.

But Cat is a good girl, and puts the brakes on when Homer tries to woo hoo.

The next day Homer invites Cat over and proposes to her. After screaming and jumping up and down, she accepts and moves in. This will most definitely ease the Cricket bathtub situation.

It also helped Homer's woo hoo situation.

Meanwhile, Kate decides that living alone doesn't suit her after all, and invites M.Butterfly to move in. This also works out quite well, as living with Homer and his new fiance' might cramp her booty calls.

In other news, Kitty goes back to her natural hair color...

...and Kris tells a rude Sim to get lost.

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