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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Femme Fatale Part 2

so, in the previous story of the Bloggeroo, bud and vicki has managed to break anne marie's heart with their "affair"... anne marie has been hoping to build a family with bud.

she was so devastated about not fulfilling her wants that, one day, she had a nervous breakdown. the "i've-gone-nuts" doctor fell out of thin air and managed to give anne marie some therapy.

meanwhile, vicki was there to witness anne marie break apart. vicki then started to build a "friendship" with anne maire, always appreciating anne marie and giving her backrubs...

bud got ignored by the two ladies. anne marie didn't find his jokes funny anymore and refuses to play with him. as you can see, bud has done a lot of crying everytime he finishes his shower.

vicki and anne marie's friendship flourished and had starting flirting. anne marie is absolutely smitten with our femme fatale!

anne marie took it upon herself to make things happen, but vicki got annoyed with that!

bud was just right outside the bedroom when this was all happening.

he stormed in and slapped anne, the way she did when she caught bud and vicki in the bedroom! that was clearly the end of the Bud and Anne Marie show!

later that week, anne marie came home from police work and thought about not getting any...

well, she went home, took a shower and headed to vicki's place... vicki put in motion plan #2...
they got it on!

and for plan #3, vicki dreams about her next target!

... but will it work? xtessa had been busy flirting with the maid!

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