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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Over at E.C.'s Place

After getting frustrated with his other Bloginski housemates, E.C. found a place of his own. He is a hard worker and managed to get promoted to Lobbyist. But E.C. is still unhappy, because he wants a baby. So, he's got to start cultivating some relationships so he can stop playing with the bag of flour, pretending it's his progeny.

His first plan? To work out and become an irresistable hunk!

He invites some chicks over, but when he attempts to fix the dishwasher he starts a fire AND electrocutes himself!

The drama does not prevent Deni from eating her jello.

E.C. gets into the hot tub with Dawn. This does not please Deni who, as you may recall, is Dawn's "partner". (that garden gnome makes people act weird, too!)

E.C. in the hot tub with Dawn, Deni and Heidi.

Having struck out with Dawn, he makes a move on Heidi. It doesn't go anywhere, and in short order the party is over and the girls leave.

Never one to give up, E.C. invites Nadia over but it's a brief visit.

A midnight swim...accompanied by several "cannonball" dives.

The next day, he decides to give Dawn another try. He's heard that she's pretty loose. They talk baseball (what else?)

The plan is working...

A wild makeout session...

I mean REALLY wild...

Could he be getting lucky??

Deni shows up. She is NOT pleased. But not because Dawn is her lover...because she's got a crush on E.C.! Nothing happens with either woman that night.

Next morning, E.C. goes to work in his spiffy new suit...with that hot mama Dawn on his brain.

He invites her over, and after lots more making out asks her to spend the night. Apparently, "sleeping over" means exactly that to Dawn all of a sudden. She puts on her PJs and goes to sleep. The only wood in this house is the wood she's sawing.

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