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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Meet The Reds

This are the Reds. Sorority sisters in college and continued to live together when they turned adults. People call them the Reds 'coz all have green eyes. *wink*
From left to right: Landismom of Bumblebee Sweet Potato, O.C. Bee of Occasional Bitch and Lu of Skip To My Lu.

This is Landismom... one ambitious lady.
She's currently a Field Sales Representative and aims to be a mogul someday.

This is Lu.... (without her cap)
She has quite a thirst for knowledge. She wants to see ghosts, be saved from death and loves to paint. She actually sold three paintings already.

This is O.C. Bee, the most outgoing of the three.

She's in the military and wants to be a Real Somebody. She was recently promoted to Junior Officer and is quite popular among the ranks.

They love to boogie...

This is what Cyberians call the "To The Floor" move on the dance floor.

They love to gossip over breakfast...

... and they sure love their pizza.
(oh, that is Lu beside O.C. Bee. She had hat hair that day and immediately went to the salon to get her "do" updated.)

Watch out for upcoming stories on the Reds. Wonder what will happen if you throw in Bud Bloggeroo into the mix...

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