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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Meet the Sunnydales!

It should be pretty obvious that almost every new character I create will be named after someone or something in the Buffyverse. Thus, I present the Sunnydales:

(From left to right: Jim, Char, and Elle)

The Sunnydales were busily settling into their charming Victorian-style home when several of the neighbors (Tracy, Eva, and Andrea Harper) dropped by to welcome them:

After the neighbors left, Char went to bed while Jim and Elle took a dip in the pool. A few minutes later, the two went upstairs for bed -- but not before Jim started to make some moves on Elle. The old "backrub" trick, if you know what I mean. They exchanged a quick kiss and went to sleep -- separately. For now.

Meanwhile, Amy Simms (nee Harper) was indeed pregnant and has since produced baby girl Willow. She and her husband Tim (non-blogger) moved into a bigger home, right near Frally and Miscler. (trivia note: Tim Simms, Amy's hubby, is named not only as an obvious play on "Sims," but also because that was the name of Muriel's fictional fiance in one of my favorite movies, "Muriel's Wedding.") Anyway, here's an updated snapshot of the family. Tim is shouting with glee at the arrival of his firstborn.

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