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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This Could Get Very Messy

Emaleejayne and Congressman Brando are getting along famously!

If Brando isn't at the Cricket's, Emaleejayne is at the Congressman's bachelor pad. Brando finally got the nerve up to ask Emaleejayne to spend the night. It went very well.

Then Emaleejayne had to get up and go to work. She left the Congressman asleep in his bed as she tip-toed out the door. Did I mention that she got promoted to "Get Away Driver"?

In spite of his one-night fling with M.Butterfly, Brando can't get Emaleejayne off his mind. He calls her over the next day and asks her to move in.

She says, "yes!" They are SO in love. This could really get very messy.

On the plus side, both Brando and Emaleejayne have the same aspiration: fortune. This works out quite nicely, as they both insist on buying only the best of everything. Emaleejayne's mood meter is so much higher now that she's living in the lap of luxury. Don't look for her to quit her night job though. The first thing she did upon moving in was set to helping the Congressman furnish his new home.

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