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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sneaky Reds

well, the Reds are adjusting nicely to Cyberia and have met the Bloggeroos on some occasion. being the only guy (well, except for the odd townie or two), Bud Buckley is quite popular with the ladies.

Lu actually spies on him with her gigantic telescope.

but, Bud doesn't like that. he marches up the Reds house and pokes Lu...

... which makes Lu cry!

the next day, Lu meets Xtessa and they talk about investments.

Xtessa says, "Gold! Invest in gold, I tell ya!"

little did Xtessa know that Landismom and O.C. Bee were gossiping about her at the Blogger Mart. wonder what O.C. Bee told Landismom?!! just look at her flabbergasted expression!

later that night, they got an unwanted visitor. a burglar was in the house!

the burglar was surprised when the alarm went off but he still pursued with his nasty business!

he went on to steal a painting... but he passed up on the plasma TV! the police arrives to apprehend the culprit!

the police and the criminal brawled as O.C. Bee and Lu watched on. Landismom stayed upstairs to use the bathroom. sad to say, the burglar whooped the police's ass and made a hasty getaway. all the police could say was, "I just wasn't the police I used to be."

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