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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Anne Marie's Secret

when last seen, Anne Marie had her head stuck inside the toilet bowl puking blue puke. could it be that she's pregnant? who impregnated her? or could it be bad chinese food? let's trackback to a few days when Anne Marie just moved out...

Anne Marie, who left all her nice clothes in TypePad Apartment in her haste, went to Blogger Mart for some shopping.

after picking a nice selection of undergarments, she decided to try them out...

guess who walks in and sees Anne Marie enter one of the dressing booths?

why does Bud Buckley have that sneaky look on his face?

he joins Anne Marie inside the booth and gives her the surprise of her life!

the booth shakes and you can hear yelps and giggling from inside!

the sales clerks gets disgusted by this public display of ... something too wild to be just affection.

after a few seconds (yes, it doesn't even take a whole minute!), Bud exits the booth with a happy grin!

Anne Marie follows suit, gives a whoop! and shouts to the sales clerk, "I'll take this!"

after they had public woohoo, Bud takes Anne Marie home for some Chinese food... and talk about more woohoo-ing.

the next day, Anne Marie gets the surprise of her life when she gets Bud Buckley and Miss Vicki's wedding invitation!

she felt all nauseous and had to run inside so she could make it to the bathroom... and now, Anne Marie is unsure whether she's pregnant after that tryst with Bud or she's just upset over Bud "cheating" on her again, or is it really just the Chinese food?

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