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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How quickly they grow up...

Tracy and Eva's twins, Anya and Xander, have grown into adults, and their younger brother Giles has become a teenager. Right after this photo was snapped, Anya and Xander moved out of the house, becoming the first of the blogger kids to leave the nest.

Frally's kids are growing fast, too...and all tuckered out. Poor Drusilla* had a rough day, what with all the running around and playing with her little brother.

Miscler and Komei continue to reproduce like bunnies. If you look closely, you'll see that one baby's in the crib and Miscler is sporting maternity duds again.

Meanwhile, Char Sunnydale has been romancing neighbor Quentin Travers (not a blogger; yes, named after the head of the Watchers' Council).

*I'm using names from Buffy, but generally not character traits. In other words, the Sims with Buffy villain names are not actually villains in Cyberia.

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