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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meet the Wyndham-Pryce family!

The newest residents of Cyberia, the Wyndham-Pryce family, are Garnet on the left and Karma on the right. Stay tuned for their adventures.

Meanwhile, Amy Simms (nee Harper) and husband Tim have quite a brood. Below we have eldest daughter Willow with baby brother Warren in her arms, Amy and Tim, Spike, and Harmony. Willow, now an adult, moved out of the house right after this was snapped. Amy and Tim are soon to become elders, so with luck, they're going to stop reproducing.

Meanwhile, over at the Sunnydales', Char continues to canoodle with neighbor Quentin (non-blogger). After a lot of cuddling and splashing, they finally woohooed in the hot tub.

Also, remember Elle and Jim Sunnydale flirting and smooching -- but sleeping separately? Yeah, not so much now. They, too, have been engaging in some woohooing while Char was asleep.

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