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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

And Your Little Maid, too! (M.Butterfly & Kate)

Career-wise, M.Butterfly is doing very well! She was working as a DJ for awhile, but kept forgetting to ask about the venues. Having to decide between oldies and hiphop, she chose the hiphop. When she arrived at the senior citizens banquet, her spins left one octogenarian with a broken hip. Nonetheless, she was promoted to projectionist. Her hours are a bit better, giving her plenty of time for hooking up, which is, after all, her aspiration. As mentioned earlier, M.Butterfly desperately wants to have woo hoo with ten different Sims. If you recall, she's already sacked Homer, Brando, Brandon, Albe, and Marylena. Being that men are scarce in Cyberia, M.Butterfly decides to put the moves on the houseboy.

Successfully, I might add.

Meanwhile, Kate is a one-man woman!

Kate, though retired, has been toying around with the idea of taking a job in the medical field. She still wants desperately to see a ghost, but as no Sims in her neighborhood have actually died, she might be better off woo hooing with Ben.

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