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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kate Keeps Busy, M.Butterfly Can't Get Busy

Kate is just the woman out and about Cyberia these days. I assumed she would keep her sites fixed on Ben, but apparantly (outside of the booty call) she has better things to do.
She goes shopping.

She makes a new little friend.

She ventures over to the Knatts to meet Miss Maya.

Meanwhile, M.Butterfly continues her woo-hoo quest. I think word of her reputation may be getting around town. First she loses the affections of Albe.

So she hits on Ben while Kate is out shopping.

Again, this does not go well.

So it's back to the mirror for more practice.

Kate is still toying with the idea of going back to work. M.Butterfly keeps stumbling into promotions. While preparing for a screening, she discovers the film is damaged. She splices it back together, completely out of order, and received rave reviews. The producer issues her version as the "Director's Cut" and Kate is suddenly working for a studio as a video editor.

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