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Monday, August 08, 2005

A Desperate Simwife

well, it seems that the Bloggeroos have it made... Bud Buckley was just promoted to Sous Chef and the money is rolling in.
but, like in reality, life is not perfect in Cyberia. Miss Vicki hates it that her husband seems to be away so much on those "cooking conferences"... dinner is a lonely time for her.
pretty soon, Miss Vicki turned to vodka to drown her sorrows.
she started to demonstrate odd behaviors. she peed beside a cab instead of the bathroom...
she slept on the front lawn...
she pigged out...
gained weight...
and got a haircut.
she even developed an eating disorder... she would eat more than she needs to... ... and would proceed to throw up afterwards.
she would fall asleep on the sofa waiting for her husband (who's probably at Anne Marie's)...
drink some more...
throw up...
and fight with him when he comes home from work.
things were looking pretty grim for this couple. Bud would rather spy on his neighbors and Miss Vicki desperately tries to lose weight.
but one night, while Bud was stargazing, a strange event occurred!
Bud Buckley was being abducted by aliens!!!
Miss Vicki tried to get out of the pool as fast as she could while the nanny cries helplessly!
Miss Vicki was so shocked by this happening that she faints beside the pool.
she wakes up to find herself in the pool!
she panics and swallows a lot of chlorinated water.
she calls for help but no one comes.
a last attempt...
... till she floats down...
... and drowns.
guess who arrives in this gruesome scene?
yup, it's the Grim Reaper.
he checks his list...
... calls someone on the cellphone...
... and Miss Vicki's soul was beamed up.
poor Bud Buckley wasn't there to save Miss Vicki from the Grim Reaper.
but i guess, the aliens are too busy screwing around with him!

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